Private Fostering

Bradford Safeguarding Board is promoting awareness and notifications of Private Fostering Arrangements. Privately Fostered Children are potentially a vulnerable group of children as they are being cared for by someone other than by their parents or a close family member. Children’s Social Care has a legal obligation to assess and monitor these placements.

Currently the notifications of Privately Fostered Children is very low with only a few cases being notified to the Local Authority every year and currently (January 2019) the number of Privately Fostered Children known to Children’s Social Care is low. Children Services want to substantially increase the notification rate of Privately Fostered Children to ensure that their needs and placements are assessed and supported.

The Safeguarding Board is keen raise awareness with partner agencies around Private Fostering with their staff, volunteers and their networks and with the public. See Bradford Council’s private fostering page for the video and more guidance.

There is a really helpful 90 second video that tells you, the public and private foster carer what you need to know about Private Fostering , how to recognise it , what it is and what you need to do and what Children’s Social Care need to do.

Please watch this video and cascade it and the webpages through your networks.

Additional information is also available on Website from this page and more detailed information can be found at:

Safeguarding Children in Bradford