Child Sexual Exploitation Information for Parents and Carers

Who is at risk?

Any child or young person may be at risk of sexual exploitation, regardless of their family background or other circumstances. This includes boys and young men as well as girls and young women. However, some groups of young people are particularly vulnerable.  These include:

  • children and young people who have a history of running away or of going missing from home and care;
  • those with special needs;
  • those in and leaving residential and foster care;
  • migrant children, including those who do not have a legal immigration status;
  • unaccompanied asylum seeking children;
  • children who have disengaged from education;
  • children who are abusing drugs and alcohol;
  • those involved in gangs;
  • those engaged in risky internet use.

If you suspect a child is at risk of CSE, act on it and don’t wait.

Reporting Concerns

  • Childrens Social Care (Contact Point) – 01274 437500
  • Emergency Duty Team – 01274 431010
  • Police Non-Emergency – 101
  • Police Emergency – 999
  • Barnardos Turnaround – 01274 513300
  • Pace support for parents and information – 0113 240 3040 

If you want help and advice nationally by activating any of the following links you will be taken to the organisations website.


Free training is available for parents and carers

NHS Traing Videos

During 2016/17 as part of the national CSE work plan NHS England North commissioned Fixers to produce with children and young people a set of videos relating to abuse and access to health services.  The videos are now finalised for wider sharing and use.  Please find the links below:

For further information regarding Fixers go to

Safeguarding Children in Bradford