Dissemination of Learning

It is important that all the BSCB partner agencies disseminate learning from case reviews , audits and challenge panels.

It has been agreed that members of the Learning and Development sub group will disseminate learning within their organisations and feedback to the BSCB that this has happened, by completing the Assurance for BSCB of initial dissemination of learning / key document


Real Safeguarding Stories is a learning tool dedicated to raising awareness of safeguarding issues. By telling compelling stories based upon real life events, it can help professionals from many walks of life understand these complex issues. Understanding and relating to these stories is the first step towards individuals and organisations being better able to support those at risk. The videos come with guidance to support wider training or awareness activity.

Harmful Sexual Behaviour West Yorkshire Masterclass 10/05/17
Below is the link to the presentations from the day:

Internet Safety for Children Conference 12/06/17
Below are the links to the presentations and feedback from the conference:

The Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse (CSA) has put together  ‘Key messages from research on child sexual exploitation’

Use this direct link for the Key messages from research on child sexual exploitation on the following:

  • Professionals in school settings
  • Multi agency working
  • Staff working in health settings
  • Commissioning health care services
  • Police
  • Strategic commissioning of health services
  • Social workers
  • Strategic commissioning of children’s services

Learning from Case Reviews 


Here is a summary of the key learning and relevant policies and procedures in relation to the Local Leaning Lessons review for Alice.

Please read and look at the related documents especially the key messages for improving practice.


Safeguarding Children in Bradford