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Faith Settings in Bradford

There are approximately 125 Madrassas/Massajids, 75 Churches; 6 Gudwaraas, 4 Mandirs and 1 Synagogue within Bradford District.

It is estimated between 12 & 16000 children attend religious studies from Monday to Sunday and as the population growth increase there is more and more demands put upon on faith settings to provide a service.

As a result Bradford has a growing numbers of religious tuition taking place in individuals homes where there are perceived additional risks to the children.

An average sized madrassa teaches approximately 150 children and young people to several of biggest madrassa that cater up to 500 children. In addition both the Gurdwaraas and Mandirs are utilised on a daily basis however weekends appear to be the busiest times with approximately 1000 people attending religious ceremonies.

New Migrants are now settling in Bradford, they have arrived from Europe, Africa, Middle and Far East, bringing with them their own religious beliefs, tradition and cultural identity

After a district wide consultation Bradford Safeguarding Board and partner agencies identified the need to ensure all children and young people remain safe and secure when they attend any out of school establishment, faith settings or activities.  The Safeguarding Report for Madaaris provides recommendations for all faith settings.

It has to be applauded that majority of faith establishments provide an excellent service and keep many of the children and young people off the streets.

Role of the Safeguarding Advisor

As a Safeguarding Advisor for faith settings my current role is to ensure all places of worship have the necessary skills and are equipped to protect children in their care. As a result I deliver free safeguarding training to all Faith Settings and for parents in schools.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries

Rashid Karolia (Safeguarding Advisor for Faith Settings)
Bradford Safeguarding Children Board
Floor 6, Margaret McMillan Tower
Princes Way

07582 100 996

A Reminder

It is a Mandatory Duty for all organisations working with children and adults to report any form of abuse or any other concerns to Bradford Children and Adult services or the police.

  • Bradford Children’s Social Care Initial Contact Team – for child protection concerns and referrals – 01274 437500
  • Bradford Area Child Protection Unit – for Consultation about child protection concerns –  01274 434343
  • Social Services Emergency Duty Team – at all other times – 01274 431010
  • Police – If child is at immediate risk of harm – 999 or 101 for non-emergencies.

Safeguarding Children in Bradford